To provide our clients with exceptional solutions, Farallon Technology Resources performs extensive research to identify the most critical technology categories as well the top providers in each category.  We form partnerships with the best-of-breed providers of in the following categories:

Cloud Computing
  - Software as a Services (SaaS)
- Infrastucture as a Service (Compute and Storage)
- Platform as a Service
- Virtualization
- Cloud Management, Security and Integration
Internet of Things (IoT)
  - Hardware
- Software
- Platforms
- Security
- Integration and Management
Performance Optimization
  - Application Acceleration
- Business Continuity
- Compression & Prioritization
- Content Delivery and Edge Computing
- Route Optimization
- IP Telephony Monitoring
- LAN/WAN/Security Monitoring
- Network Device Change Management
  - Private IP/MPLS
- Carrier Ethernet
- Virtual Private Networks
- Voice and Video over IP
- Remote Access and Broadband.

By leveraging the core competencies of our partners, Farallon Technology is able to help clients make better decisions and reduce the time, expense and complexity associated with evaluating and implementing new technologies and services. Our Technology and Service Partners benefit by improving channel effectiveness and reducing the costs associated with scaling market penetration.

Farallon Technology's Premier Partners include:

Acquired Counterpane

Acquired Packeteer

Farallon Technology is an Authorized Agent for leading carriers, including:


Internap Network Services

Verizon Business

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