Be the trusted source for large and medium-sized enterprises to select and implement network and cloud-based emerging technologies and services.  "Emerging technologies and services" are those that provide a discontinuity in the way that a company does business, accelerating time to market, improving performance, differentiating our clients' services through a fundamentally different use technology or shift in economics.  These technologies appeal to early adopters and visionaries looking to "leapfrog" the competition.  Best-of-breed technologies are offered from both innovative, start-up companies as well as more established vendors.

Market Opportunity

For most enterprises, implementing a new technology or managed service is complex, risky and time-consuming. Traditional channels (VARs, Systems Integrators, Network Consultants, and Agents), that focus on mature hardware technologies, have proven to be ineffective at advising early adopters and early majority buyers.

Farallon Technology Resources focuses exclusively on cloud computing, IoT, network and system optimization, management, monitoring and security and related services, where enterprises spend more than $10 billion per year.


Farallon Technology Resources' unique approach and focus allow it to help enterprises make better technology selection decisions. Our extensive experience, broad understanding of technology, exclusive focus in networking and systems, Our 360° View™ methodology leverages our business and technology insight together with the expertise of our partners to create exceptional solutions for our joint clients.   Farallon Technology the trusted source for network-based emerging technologies and services.

"Farallon" in Spanish means the top of a mountain jutting from an ocean. The Farallon Islands, located west of San Francisco, are a teeming ecosystem for sea birds and mammals. Similarly, Farallon Technology Resources aims to create a productive ecosystem for leading emerging technology and service providers in which to flourish within the right customer environments.


Our 360° View™, the basis for our service offerings, is an emerging technologies and services knowledge base and methodology that helps our clients make the right technology decisions. We take into account: customer needs, readiness, technology fit (integration ability, overlap, problems solved), vendor risk, and comparative return on investment.

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